PSI’s Senior Advisor, Jack Caravelli, Speaks to Oak Ridge Groups on Emerging Issues in Nuclear Security and Nonproliferation

In June, Dr. Jack Caravelli, PSI Senior Energy Security and Policy Advisor, director and founder of the Institute for Applied Sciences USA, and a former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Energy, spent several days at PSI headquarters in Oak Ridge, TN, to participate in several meetings. Dr. Caravelli is an expert with many years of experience in addressing nuclear security, nonproliferation, and terrorism.

On June 5, he addressed a meeting of the East Tennessee Economic Council (ETEC), discussing nuclear security issues. On June 9, he addressed the Rotary Club of Oak Ridge, describing his work with nonproliferation after the fall of the Soviet Union when he oversaw scientists and engineers at DOE nuclear weapons facilities assist Russian scientists and researchers in disarming nuclear weapons.

Also on June 3 he and PSI President Sean Williams sat down with Oak Ridger publisher Darrell Richardson and reporter Sara Wise to discuss the current state of international nuclear security. Although current media focus is on the new nonproliferation treaty with Iran, Dr. Caravelli stated that more attention needs to be given similar issues in countries like North Korea and Pakistan.

“We live in an evolving world,” he said. “Even if these countries weren’t problems, there are plans for these countries to become nuclear powers … that’s the nasty, dirty secret no one wants to talk about…. We’re heading into an age of proliferation of new material.”