PSI Is the First Security Company to Address the Windsor Energy Group (WEG)

PSI is a proven leader in identifying and resolving the security risks and vulnerabilities of electric utilities. As a result, we were the first security company ever asked to speak at the annual Windsor Energy Group meeting. Both PSI President Sean Williams, and Lead Security and Policy Advisor, Dr. Jack Caravelli, spoke at the annual WEG spring meeting held at Windsor Castle on March 1, 2015. Mr. Williams presented a paper summarizing recent threats to cyber and physical security of the energy grid and describing system vulnerabilities. He then described the four key protection strategies PSI incorporates into all projects for improving protection of energy infrastructure and resources:

  1. Protection planning must take a broader view, analyzing internal and external interdependencies.
  2. Protection must be part of an organization’s DNA, cradle to grave, not after the fact, much like quality and safety. This strategy allows for passive and active protection layers.
  3. Protection strategies must focus on managing surprise in order to make surprises tolerable.
  4. Protective solutions must be constantly tested, and evaluated the way an insider or adversary will test them.

Dr. Caravelli addressed cybersecurity in a panel discussion that included thirty ambassadors to the United Kingdom.

WEG ( is a working group of MEC International Ltd., a global advisory and business development firm chiefly focused on the Middle East. WEG addresses global energy issues and challenges through discussion and analysis by public and private sector leaders and experts.