Protection Strategies Incorporated (PSI) Re-awarded Long-Standing, Security Support Services Contract for the Department Of Energy’s (DOE), Office for the Associate Under Secretary for Environment, Health, Safety and Security (AU)

OAK RIDGE, TN)  JULY 8, 2016:  Protection Strategies, Incorporated (PSI) today announced the successful re-award of their long time security support services contract for the Department Of Energy’s, Office for the Associate Under Secretary for Environment, Health, Safety and Security (AU), valued at $30,000,000, over a five-year period. PSI has successfully performed on this contract for the past 13-years and teamed with Project Enhancement Corporation (PEC) for the procurement effort.

Under this new contract, the team will build on PSI’s long history of providing AU with administrative and technical security support services. These services include Headquarters Personnel Security;   Departmental Personnel Security Support; Assessment and Integration Support; and Control and Accountability (MC&A) Support; Planning and Technology Deployment; Technical and Operations Security Support; Security Analytical and Technical Support Services; and General and Cross-Cutting Technical Support.

Mr. Beaty [PSI CEO] and I are very excited about this opportunity to build on our long history of performing this work, and to our continued relationship with AU. We are all very pleased to be on PEC’s team for this new contract and look forward to good things in the years’ ahead.” said Mr. Sean Williams, PSI President.

The Office of Environment, Health, Safety and Security (AU) provides corporate leadership and strategic approaches for protecting Department of Energy (DOE) workers, the public, the environment, and national security assets. This is accomplished through the maintenance of corporate-level policies and standards and providing implementation guidance; sharing operating experience, lessons learned, and best practices; and providing assistance and supporting services to line management to achieve the mission of AU.

About PEC

PEC was founded in 1998 to provide project management and technical services in nuclear materials and facilities disposition within the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) and commercial power industry. Today, with a continuing active role in nuclear and other DOE projects, PEC is known for excellence in safety and health, environmental services, technical services, quality assurance, and environmental management. PEC also specializes in National Security Programs. You can find out more about PEC at Contact: Phone: (240) 686-3059.