Protection Strategies Incorporated (PSI) was recently awarded a contract from UT-Battelle, LLC at Oak Ridge National Laboratory to provide Design Basis Threat Project Management

(Oak Ridge, TN) May 16, 2017: UT-Battelle, LLC recently awarded to Protection Strategies Incorporated (PSI) a two year contract to provide Design Basis Threat Project Management at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL).

Under this contract, PSI will provide project management support to develop a multi-year project plan for the implementation of DOE Order 470.3C, The Design Basis Threat (DBT). The DBT replaced the Graded Safeguards Protection (GSP) policy with similar guidance and requirements and incorporated new analyses for project levels outside of the scope of the previous GSP policy. This new requirement includes malevolent act scenarios not previously considered on approximately 35 radiological facilities.

Under this contract, PSI will perform a site analysis aimed at the establishment and deployment of a defensive plan that works to identify site assets and to protect these adversary targets incorporating layered protection, high probabilities of detection, and delay after detection to substantiate an effective and efficient protective posture.

“We are very excited and pleased to be awarded this contract and look forward to providing our subject matter expertise in performing Design Basis Threat support to UT-Battelle,” said Mr. Sean Williams, PSI President.



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About UT-Battelle, LLC

UT-Battelle, LLC was established in 2000 as a private not-for-profit company for the sole purpose of managing and operating the ORNL for the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE). Formed as a 50-50 limited liability partnership between the University of Tennessee and Battelle Memorial Institute, UT-Battelle is the legal entity responsible for delivering the DOE’s research mission at ORNL.