Integrated Security

PSI provides a complete portfolio of Integrated Security support services to ensure protection, identify, or reduce risk, and where needed, evaluate, respond, and recover organizational assets from incidents across the full range of natural, technological, and manmade undesirable events.

Personnel and Physical Security: PSI provides high quality, high profile, professionally trained security personnel and protection force (pro-force) teams to a wide variety of facilities. Services offered include: Plain clothes or a fully integrated uniformed guard force; armed security specialists/pro-force fully trained and qualified in firearms use; DOE and DoD cleared guard personnel.

Operational Security: PSI’s Operational Security capabilities provide organizations with the processes to protect critical information from adversary observation. In addition providing personnel to carry out operational security programs, PSI’s team of experts provide organizations with capabilities, operational assessments, intelligence analysis, and intelligence program management.

Training, Testing & Evaluation: PSI has developed, implemented, and managed security training programs for clients that address a range of needs including, emerging nation military and police force training, protective force programs for highly sensitive sites in the U.S., and operational security training programs for large installations. For all of its training programs, PSI uses the Systemic Approach to Training (SAT).This approach ensures personnel are expertly prepared for assignments by gaining the necessary knowledge, skills, and attitudes to fulfill the most critical efforts.

Nuclear Materials Management & Accountability: PSI provides highly classified program support for managing and safeguarding U.S. nuclear materials (Category 5) worldwide to include materials entering or exiting the U.S. PSI assists tracking, reporting, and reconciling nuclear material transactions and reports for the DOE National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA).