Enterprise & Strategic Risk Management

PSI’s established and effective capabilities in Security Strategies and Mission & Operational Analysis provide our customers with the planning strategies to prepare for the complex task of protecting assets among rapidly changing political, social and technological changes.

Our processes and methodologies are closely aligned to preparedness management programs such as those used by government and commercial entities.

Security Strategies: A comprehensive Security Strategy is as critical as a business plan to enterprises expanding business opportunities.  With PSI’s expertise to effectively support new and ongoing client operations, our Senior-level team supports all aspects of an organization’s security strategy including strategic planning concept of operations (CONOPS), business plans, implementation plans, system architecture plans to enable best-practice security strategies.

Mission & Operations Analysis: PSI’s experience in conducting Mission & Operations Analysis for commercial organizations, military organizations, and the U.S. intelligence community provides PSI with a full understanding of the importance of enterprise and strategic risk management.

The Analytical Risk Management (ARM) methodology used by the Federal government and under commercial adoption provides a systematic approach to acquire and analyze information necessary to support decision makers in the protection of critical assets, mission and operations. PSI uses this process to allow stakeholders – whether corporate leadership, security managers, analysts, or technicians – to perform the planning, implementation, and evaluation of projected corporate ventures.