PSI Leadership

Sean Williams
Sean P. Williams
CEO / President

Mr. Williams has 25 years of diverse business and executive leadership experience including successfully leading small, medium and large U.S. based companies in every aspect of operations, training, business administration, mergers and acquisitions, corporate restructuring, workforce development and business development.  He has demonstrated a successful career, establishing public-private partnerships with federal and local government entities to solve complex security challenges and ensure the protection of critical infrastructure and assets at home, as well as abroad.

After serving in the United States Air Force as a Pararescueman he began working with one of the nation’s largest security contractors supporting the Department of Energy’s (DOE) Safeguards and Security mission and played a key role in leading contract operations for the Department of States Antiterrorism Assistance Program (DOS/ATAP), to fight terrorism abroad in the days following 9/11.  Building on his work  with DOE and DOS he has successfully  provided critical security and support services to a broad base of other U.S. agencies including the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), Federal Protective Services (FPS),  National Aeronautical and Space Administration (NASA), Department of Justice (DOJ), Department of Defense (DOD), United States Marshals Service (USMS), Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI), Transportation Security Administration (TSA), Bureau of Prisons (BOP), Immigrations and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and various state/ local governments.

In an era of rapidly expanding threats, budgetary constraints and administrative challenges, Mr. Williams’ brings a strategic vision to PSI that combines his experience forming effective public-private partnerships and highly efficient business models, with the expertise and capabilities of PSI to offer our government a trusted partner in resolving the most complex security issues, building cost effective innovative solutions and maintaining the security of our nation.

Bobby Beaty
Bobby Beaty
Executive Advisor

Bobby Beaty’s 30 years of experience provide PSI a wide range of security leadership and expertise to organizations worldwide.  His primary focus has been to the Federal Government—and to the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) in particular. During his career Mr. Beaty held a number of senior management positions including DOE’s Special Response Team Commander and Special Operations Manager.

His extensive background includes security program planning and management, protection program operations, information security, cyber security, personnel security and emergency management and response—to include incident control and coordination. Most importantly, he currently oversees two of the most critical nuclear and biodefense contracts existing in the US for the DOE and DHS, respectively.

Mr. Beaty is an expert in vulnerability and risk analysis methodologies leading numerous facility performance tests. He was a Certified Lead Instructor for DOE’s National Training Center for 13 years and a member of the Performance Test Working Group since its inception in 2005. In addition to Mr. Beaty’s extensive U.S. Government involvement, he directs PSI support to international operations throughout the Middle East, Africa, and South America.

Mr. Beaty has owned and operated successful commercial business endeavors in East Tennessee for the past 13 years.

Dr. Jack Caravelli
Dr. Jack Caravelli
Senior Energy Security & Policy Advisor

Dr. Jack Caravelli served for 25 years in the US government. In 1996, Dr. Caravelli joined the White House National Security Council Staff where he was Director for Nonproliferation with responsibility for US nonproliferation policy in Russia and the Middle East. He was appointed Deputy Assistant Secretary of Energy and Director of the Office of International Material Protection and Cooperation in 2000 and served in that capacity until 2003 when he became a senior advisor to the Secretary of Energy. Under Caravelli’s leadership, the MPC&A program was responsible for securing nuclear weapons and material at 95 facilities in the former Soviet Union, including securing approximately 4,000 nuclear warheads at 42 Russian Navy storage sites.In 2002, Caravelli initiated major international strategic talks, known as the International Approaches to Nuclear and Radiological Security (IANRS), with the aim of increasing international cooperation to locate and secure orphan nuclear and radiological material. The IANRS strategic talks were co-hosted jointly by the US Department of Energy, the Russian Ministry of Atomic Energy, the Russian Research Centre “ Kurchatov Institute, and the Institute for Applied Science. The international working groups established under the IANRS initiative continue to meet periodically under NATO auspices.

Dr. Caravelli currently holds an appointment as Visiting Professor at the UK Defence Academy where he lectures on terrorism and nonproliferation issues. He is also a Director of the Institute for Applied Science, a US corporation established in 1997 to promote non-proliferation through the commercialization of civil technology developed in the Russian Academy of Sciences. A highly respected political advisor and commentator on international affairs, Dr. Caravelli is most recently the author of “Nuclear Insecurity: Understanding the Threat from Rogue Nations and Terrorists,” published in December 2007 and “Beyond Sand and Oil: The nuclear Middle East, published in January 2011.

Christine Sheffield
Christine Sheffield
Senior Aviation Security Advisor

Ms. Sheffield has supported DHS/TSA aviation security programs in multiple US International Airports, has been instrumental in the stabilization and development of Aviation Security Programs in austere environments and has been a key advisor to Senior US Diplomatic personnel as well as a trusted advisor to Senior Foreign Government Officials.

Ms. Sheffield has extensive international experience as an Aviation Security Advisor & Consultant. She began her career in law enforcement and transitioned into the Department of Homeland Security’s (DHS) Transportation Security Administration (TSA) as the Spokane International Airport Security Manager, managing an aviation security force of over 300 personnel.

In 2005 she became the Security Manager for the Baghdad International Airport (BIAP) where she was instrumental in laying the framework for aviation security policies and training compliant with ICAA/ICOA and Annex 17 standards. In 2009 she was asked to take her programs and lessons learned to Afghanistan where she took over as Operations Center Director assigned to the ISAF, NATO Headquarters and Kabul. In 2011, she returned to Iraq as a Senior Police Advisor to the Consulate General in Basra. In this role she was the Senior Aviation Advisor for Ambassador Sisson, Ambassador Jeffries and Consulate General Piper Campbell. As Senior Police Advisor, she was the lead in standing up the first Baghdad Diplomatic Support Center (BDSC), she led a team that transformed the passenger terminal to ICAA/ICAO standards and managed Security for the Diplomatic Terminal. After completing this work in 2012, she was asked to take over as the Senior Security Coordinator for the Baghdad Diplomatic Support Center where she was instrumental in the ongoing effort to formalize the Iraqi Aviation Security program, with the goal of meeting ICAO/ACAA and Annex 17 standards.

Jason Morrow
Jason Morrow
Director, Operations

Mr. Morrow is a security professional who brings 20 years of security/law enforcement experience and leadership to the Protection Strategies Incorporated (PSI) team.  He has more than 16 years of security industry experience with a focus on the Department of Energy (DOE).

During his time supporting the DOE, he supervised Protective Force personnel responsible for the protection of the Y-12 National Security Complex.  In this role, Mr. Morrow assisted with the implementation of a mechanical breaching program and was one of the first Protective Force Sergeants certified by the DOE’s National Training Center (NTC) in mechanical breaching. Mr. Morrow also led training courses for on shift personnel, attended DOE’s Leadership and Opposing Forces courses at the NTC, vetted new equipment and gear used by Protective Force personnel at multiple sites.

Mr. Morrow provided support to the DOE’s Office of Technology during the prototype testing and implementation phases of Remote Operated Weapons Systems (ROWS) on both static and mobile platforms.  During the prototype testing, Mr. Morrow worked with the manufacturer to ensure operations of the ROWS would meet or exceed the expectations of the end user.

In 2007, Mr. Morrow began working for PSI.  One of his first assignments was to develop and deploy a searchable database that would be accessible to all DOE personnel, other government agency personnel and contractors through a DOE sponsored web site.  This database held documents on training, performance testing, policy, procedures and lessons learned.  The data base became known as the Security Technology Information Archive (STIA).  The STIA was implemented to reduce overall costs within DOE by allowing all sites to share their information with others reducing the number of labor hours need to develop policies, conduct performance testing or search for validated technology.  Mr. Morrow also participated in performance testing for new and emerging technology to be deployed within the DOE complex.

Mr. Morrow has been Director of Operations for PSI since February 2014, where he manages 150 full-time employees, consultants and the overall performance of both government and commercial contracts.  Mr. Morrow establishes goals and objectives for his management team to ensure PSI exceeds customer’s expectations.  He creates functional strategies and develops budgets to support contract performance.  Mr. Morrow evaluates policies and procedures and implements changes as necessary.

Alden Sanborn
Alden R. Sanborn
Director, Business Development

Alden R. Sanborn joined Protection Strategies Incorporated in 2012 to lead the company’s business development division.  Over the past years Mr. Sanborn has earned the responsibility for overall strategy & marketing execution and business development for the company. In his duties he is accountable for government & client relationship management, strategic business partnerships, corporate affairs, and all proposal development activity.  Prior to this role, Mr. Sanborn served as a Senior Security Advisor and Program Manager over PSI’s Department of Energy (DOE) and National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA) Operations in the Arlington, Virginia Office.

Mr. Sanborn came to PSI after providing support to the NNSA Office of Defense Nuclear Security at Headquarters in Washington, D.C. where he assisted policy & decision makers across several program areas to include: deterrence, protective force, physical security, information security, material control and accountability, personnel security, and security program operations and planning.  Mr. Sanborn started with the NNSA as Nuclear Security Operations Program Specialist and was recognized as a Subject Matter Expert before the time of his departure by the Chief, Defense Nuclear Security.

He began his professional career in Washington D.C. on the staff of Congressman Jeb Hensarling before taking a position in the Upper Chamber where he worked for Senator Rick Santorum.  In this role he assisted The Senator’s legislative and judiciary teams on policy development.  Mr. Sanborn traveled as an aide to The Senator in the District and during Pennsylvania events.  After leaving Capitol Hill Mr. Sanborn served as a Political Appointee in the Administration of President George W. Bush.  Mr. Sanborn started in the Office of Operations and Advance as a Representative of The Secretary before his promotion to the Director of Field Operations, for U.S. Labor Secretary Elaine L. Chao.  In this position he was responsible for the coordination and deployment of the Secretary’s advance and traveling teams which included staff and security protection, domestically and globally.

Mr. Sanborn holds a BA in History & Political Science and a minor in International Relations from Gettysburg College in Pennsylvania.

Amy Dunkirk
Amy Dunkirk
Senior Accounting Manager

Amy Dunkirk, Senior Accounting Manager, supervises the daily accounting functions for Protection Strategies, Inc. She provides financial analysis and projections to management and has been working for PSI since June of 2015

Ms Dunkirk is an Accounting professional with 26 years of experience in Government Contracting. Prior to coming to PSI, Amy spent 9 years as a consultant with a Deltek partner. There she worked with clients to implement Accounting software and train employees to ensure they had DCAA compliant Accounting Systems and a working knowledge of Federal Acquisition Regulations, Federal Travel Regulations, and Service Contract Act requirements.

Francheska Parkman
Francheska Parkman
Business Administration Manager

Francheska Parkman is a professional with over 13 years of experience supporting small to medium size federal contractors. As Manager of Business Administration, Ms. Parkman is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the corporate facilities including inventory, shipping and receiving, records management, and IT and maintenance point of contact. In addition, Ms. Parkman is responsible for day to day administration of contracts including prime, subcontracts, 1099’s and GSA schedules.

Ms. Parkman holds a Bachelors’ Degree in Business Administration from the University of Tennessee Knoxville.